Institutional Membership

We invite private and public institutions to become Institutional Members of CREE at an annual fee of $5000. Benefits to Institutional Members include facilitated access to CREE members, including an annotated contact list characterizing CREE researchers by field of expertise, current research, and availability for consultation. Other benefits to Institutional Members include a sponsorship listing on the CREE Web Page and at the Annual Workshop. An Institutional Member can also designate two staff members who will receive a non-transferable conference badge for the annual CREE conference. A badge entitles the holder access to all sessions, all conference material, lunches and the conference dinner.

Please contact Carol McAusland ( to arrange for full institutional membership.

University Memberships

Universities or academic units can provide support to CREE by becoming a University Member at a cost of $500 per year. University Members are granted access to the annotated CREE membership list. One individual from the institution may also be designated to receive a conference badge to attend the annual CREE conference (access to all sessions, all conference material, lunches and the conference dinner).

Please contact Carol McAusland ( to arrange for university institutional membership.

Individual Memberships

Individuals can become members of CREE at no cost; however, individuals who wish to attend the annual conference will pay a conference fee. Members have the option of being included in the CREE Membership list, which facilitates interaction between researchers in the academic and professional spheres.

To become a CREE member, visit your CEA membership account at and click on "Study Groups". Then select the years for which you wish to be included in the CREE list and click on "Update" to save. If you wish to also become a CEA member, click here. If you merely wish to participate in CREE and do not have a CEA account, please click here.

Membership Directory

The membership directory is available to CREE institutional members, CREE university members, and CREE organizers. A username and password are needed to access the list.