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Affiliated Organizations

ACEA Atlantic Canada Economics Association ACEA
AEDSB Association for Economic & Development Studies on Bangladesh AEDSB
ASDEQ L'association des économistes québécois ASDEQ
CABE Canadian Association of Business Economists CABE
CAES Canadian Agricultural Economics Society CAES
CDESG Canadian Development Economics Study Group CDESG
CEBERG Canadian Experimental and Behavioral Economics Research Group CEBERG
CERF Canadian Employment Research Forum CERF
CESG Canadian Econometrics Study Group CESG
CETC Canadian Economic Theory Conference CETC
CHA Canadian Historical Association CHA
CHEA Canadian Health Economics Association CHEA
CIRA Canadian Industrial Relations Association CIRA
CLEA Canadian Law & Economics Association CLEA
CLEF Canadian Labour Economics Forum CLEF
CMSG Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group CMSG
CNEH Canadian Network for Economic History CNEH
CPEG Canadian Public Economics Study Group CPEG
CREEA Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association CREEA
C.D. Howe Institute
CSLS Centre for the Study of Living Standards CSLS
CWEN Canadian Women Economists Network CWEN
ICP Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity ICP
IRPP Institute for Research on Public Policy IRPP
Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business
PEF Progressive Economics Forum PEF
PRI Policy Research Initiative PRI
RCEA Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (Canadian Branch) RCEA
SCSE Société canadienne de science économique SCSE
TARGET Team for Advanced Research on Globalization, Education, and Technology TARGET



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