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Werner Antweiler   
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   Vice President
Scott Taylor   
   Past President
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   Executive Director
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CEA Fellows

Created in 2010, the title of Fellow of the Canadian Economics Association is conferred to recognize the achievements and contribution to the discipline of the most prominent economists who have spent a significant portion of their career in Canada.

The Nominating Committee of the Canadian Economics Associations invites and encourages suggestions from members of the Association for future officers, Executive Council members and Fellows. Please send suggestions and nominations to the secretary of the Nominating Committee, Ana Ferrer, at or by mail.

Please click on the name or picture to read more about each CEA Fellow.


Charles Blackorby
[Image: Charles Blackorby] border=
Robin Boadway
[Image: Robin Boadway] border=
Marcel Boyer
[Image: Marcel Boyer] border=
Russell Davidson
[Image: Russell Davidson] border=
Erwin Diewert
[Image: Erwin Diewert] border=
Jean-Marie Dufour
[Image: Jean-Marie Dufour] border=
Curtis Eaton
[Image: Curtis Eaton] border=
John Helliwell
[Image: John Helliwell] border=
Samuel Hollander
[Image: Samuel Hollander] border=
David Laidler
[Image: David Laidler] border=
Richard Lipsey
[Image: Richard Lipsey] border=
James MacKinnon
[Image: James MacKinnon] border=
Robert Mundell
[Image: Robert Mundell] border=
Alice Nakamura
[Image: Alice Nakamura] border=
Michael Parkin
[Image: Michael Parkin] border=
Anthony Scott
[Image: Anthony Scott] border=
Margaret Slade
[Image: Margaret Slade] border=
John Whalley
[Image: John Whalley] border=


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