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Harmonized Recruiting Exchange (HiRE)

The HiRE (Harmonized Recruiting Exchange) program is a joint effort of the Canadian Economics Association and EconJobMarket.org. The software will allow you to process application data from EconJobMarket.org. Features include sorting ads, assigning responsibility for ads to members of your recruiting committee, rating applications, allowing other members of your faculty to comment on applications. You can even use the software to automatically arrange your interviews at the winter meetings.

Using HiRE helps to promote the use of EconJobMarket.org, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance the efficiency of the economics job market and promote innovation and development in recruiting services.

The data used by the HiRE program is stored entirely on servers located in Canada at the University of British Columbia. This satisfies a legal requirement for many universities in Canada.

To see how the software works on a day to day basis you can view our navigation tutorial at http://youtu.be/-j4eOs-4Us4. Video tutorials and other documentation are available at http://hire.economics.ca/wiki.

Subscriptions to the service wil be available through your my.economics.ca account starting on August 1, 2014. Use the login buttons below to log in to your CEA account, or to create a new CEA account for non-members. For more information about HiRE, you can contact Michael Peters.

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If you are not sure if you have an account with the CEA already, please check if you have an account with the CEA through our password reminder service.

The HiRE service is available at a cost of $500 per year. For this fee you can process all your EconJobMarket ads and applications. Ads at EconJobMarket must be purchased separately at Econjobmarket.org. The fees at EconJobMarket for the 2014/15 recruitment season have not yet been published, however.

To post an ad at EconJobMarket.org, the recruiter will need a recruiter account. Many departments already have one. Support at HiRE will help you figure out if you have a recruiter account, and then help you set up your job ads at econjobmarket and configure your hire site. Contact information for HiRE support is available at http://hire.economics.ca/support.

Legal information: The HiRE software is provided by Ocean and Crow Studios Inc, the Canadian Economic Association, and EconJobMarket.org. These organizations are not responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liabilities or damages of any kind incurred by the use of this software.


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