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   Corporate Officers:
Angela Redish   
   Vice President &
   Conference Organizer
Scott Taylor   
Werner Antweiler   
Ana Ferrer   
   Deputy Vice President
Nicole Fortin   
   Past President
Frances Woolley   
   CJE Managing Editor
Katherine Cuff   
   Executive Officer
Sonya Marion   
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Who we are:

With around 2000 members (in 2016) across the country and from abroad, the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) is the organization of academic economists in Canada. The purpose of the CEA is stated in its Articles of Incorporation:

The Association has for its object the advancement of economic knowledge through the encouragement of study and research, the issuing of publications, and the furtherance of free and informed discussion of economic questions. The Association as such will not assume a partisan position upon any question of practical politics nor commit its members to any position thereupon.

What we do:

The CEA publishes the foremost economics journal in Canada, the Canadian Journal of Economics, and organizes an annual conference. The Canadian Public Policy journal is affiliated with the CEA. CEA members receive online access to issues of CJE and CPP.

How we are organized:

The Canadian Economics Association is incorporated in Canada as a federal not-for-profit corporation (9129375). Our business number since 2015 is 803271592, which is also our GST registration number with respect to Canada Revenue Agency. As of June 4, 2017, our legal adress (location of incorporation) is:

Canadian Economics Association
55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1300
c/o Fasken Martineau LLP
Ottawa, ON, K1P 6L5

Our head office and mailing address is:

Canadian Economics Association
2053 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z2
Phone: +1-613-454-5275

Following the adoption of new Bylaws in May 2018, the Association is governed by a 16-member board of directors, with four directors elected every year for overlapping four-year terms. The Annual General Meeting of the Asociation is held at the end of each year's conference. The Board of Directors appoints officers of the corporation, including the CEA's president, vice president and conference organizer, deputy vice president past president, treasurer, secretary, and journal editor. The day-to-day operations of the CEA are managed by an executive officer.

The operation and organization of the Canadian Economics Association is governed by the association's Bylaws, which replaced the constitution that was in effect from 1967 through 2017. For more information about the transition from the old constitution to the new (2018) Bylaws, please refer to the New Bylaws Summary Page.

For more information, please review our web page of frequently asked questions. Past presidents, secretary-treasurers, and journal editors are the individuals who have contributed to the Association since its foundation in 1966 and are recognized on our History Page.

Call for nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Canadian Economics Associations invites and encourages suggestions from members of the Association for future Directors (four per year) and CEA Fellows. Please send suggestions and nominations to the secretary of the Nominating Committee, Ana Ferrer, at Ana Ferrer, or by mail.

Public Corporate Documents: