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Mailing List Information

Access and Privacy

The CEA does not generally make its membership list (derived from the list of individual subscribers to the Canadian Journal of Economics, CJE) available to commercial advertisers, either as postal addresses or e-mail addresses. Exempt from this policy is the publisher of the CJE.

E-mail Distribution Lists

1. The CEA maintains three e-mail distribution lists: one for its current paid-up members, one for all Canadian economists (regardless of location or CEA membership, based on a biennial survey of Canadian economics departments), and one for the chairs of Canadian economics departments and business schools.

2. Use of the two individual mailing lists is restricted to CEA-related business and announcements that are of high interest to a large number of Canadian economists. Material submitted to any of these two lists is subject to approval by the CEA or its delegate.

3. Use of the department chair mailing list is restricted to (1) CEA business, (2) conference announcements, and (3) job openings at a Canadian economics department or business school. In general, the CEA encourages the use of this particular mailing list as departments can redistribute messages through their own (more up-to-date) departmental mailing lists, or print and post such messages as they deem appropriate.

4. Department chairs are encouraged to set up a generic e-mail account (e.g., for handling material relayed through our department chair mailing list. This will simplify maintenance of our list when department chairs are handed over to successors. Such an e-mail account can also be looked after by designated departmental staff rather than the department chairs themselves.

5. Messages posted to any of the CEA mailing lists should preferrably contain plain text only. In particular, we discourage the use of HTML messages. For attachments we require the use of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Messages that contain Word or WordPerfect attachments cannot be circulated as these formats are not fully compatible across platforms, and may contain computer viruses. Furthermore, messages (including all attachments) must not exceed 384 Kilobytes in length.

6. Access to the Department Chairs list is through the CEA web portal for Departments. Department chairs have received an automated e-mail message with the login credentials. Please contact Werner Antweiler for any further information. Access to the other mailing lists is only through special arrangements with the CEA secretary-treasurer or with Professor Antweiler.

7. Material submitted to any of our mailing lists is usually distributed during off-peak hours after it has been vetted for conformity to the technical standards listed above. There is no charge for submission or distribution of messages.

8. Submitters to the CEA mailinglists assume full legal liability for the material contained in their messages. This includes liability for computer viruses. Conversely, the CEA disclaims all liability for forwarding messages. By submitting a message to a CEA mailinglist you implicitly agree to the terms of this agreement.


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