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The Mike McCracken Award
for Economic Statistics

The Mike McCracken Award for Economic Statistics recognizes theoretical and applied contributions to the development or use of economic statistics in Canada.

Recognized accomplishments may include development of the framework and concepts underlying economic measurement, new data sources, statistical or econometric tools or relevant information technology as well as contributions to the management, policy relevance, access or public understanding of official economic statistics.

The Award was established in 2010 and was initially awarded annually.  Beginning in 2017, it will be awarded every two years. It is endorsed by the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) and is presented at its annual meetings.

For the Winner

The award is for $2,000 as sponsored by the Canadian Economics Association, the journal Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques and a generous contribution in 2017 from the McCracken family, who thank Alice Nakamura for her initial sponsorship.

The Award Committee

The Award Committee is Evelyn Forget (University of Manitoba), Andrew Heisz (Statistics Canada), Thomas Lemieux (University of British Columbia), Mike Veall (McMaster University, Chair) and Thomas A. Wilson (University of Toronto).

About Mike McCracken

Mike was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was educated at Rice University and Southern Methodist University. He began his Canadian career at the Economic Council of Canada where he served as the first Director of the CANDIDE Canadian macro econometric modeling project. In 1972, he co-founded and became President of Informetrica , a Canadian-based economic research and information company, providing long-term national, provincial, and industrial forecasts to companies, governments, and other organizations across Canada and abroad.

He also served as president of the Canadian Association for Business Economics (1979-81 and 1988-90) and Chair of the U.S. Conference of Business Economists (1994). He is well known for the countless formal and informal ways he has contributed to the improvement and application of official economic statistics in Canada.  He died in 2015.

Past Winners

2010  Mike McCracken

2011 Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia) and Ivan Fellegi (Statistics Canada, retired)

2012 Charles Beach (Queen’s University), Garnett Picot (Statistics Canada), Craig Riddell (University of British Columbia) and Ging Wong (Queen’s University)

2013 Byron Spencer (McMaster University) and Michael Wolfson (University of Ottawa)

2014 Evelyn Forget, Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson (University of Manitoba)

2015 Miles Corak (University of Ottawa), Nicole Fortin (University of British Columbia) and Lars Osberg (Dalhousie University)

2016 Russell Davidson (McGill University) and James MacKinnon (Queen's University)

2017 Andrew Heisz (Statistics Canada), Kevin Milligan (UBC) and Brian Murphy (Statistics Canada)

Nomination Procedures

The nomination should include a nomination letter no longer than three pages and a curriculum vitae of the nominee. It should be submitted to Mike Veall,

The next nomination deadline is April 24, 2019 for the 2019 award.


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