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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the CEA certify academic credentials of persons wishing to immigrate to Canada?
No. The CEA is not involved in this. For information about related issues, please contact the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.
2. Where can foreign students find out about graduate studies in economics at Canadian universities?
There are several excellent sources of information on the Internet. Check out the Study in Canada! guide published by the CEC network, and the information published by the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Another useful site is Authoritative information is also available from Canada Immigration and Citizenship; they offer A Guide for Foreign Students. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada publishes The Directory of Canadian Universities and features overview information on their web site including a comparison of tuition fees. You should also contact your nearest Canadian embassy; a list of embassies is published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).
3. Where can I find information on the Canadian economy?
Such information is published by Statistics Canada. In particular, they offer web pages with selected Canadian statistics. Another useful source is the Government of Canada web site Canadian economy online, which features overviews and links to a variety of data sources from specific government departments.
4. I am a journalist and I am looking for an expert who can comment on a particular topic. Does the CEA maintain a database of experts?
Currently the CEA does not maintain an experts database. However, we are working on establishing such a database in the near future.
5. I would like to hire an economist. Can the Canadian Economics Association help?
The CEA will distribute postings for academic positions to a mailing list that includes chairs of all Canadian economics departments. Please refer to our mailing list guide to find out how to access the mailing list. Postings may be contained in the body of an e-mail message or may be attached as a PDF file. For non-academic positions, we suggest you use the Canadian Association of Business Economists job site.
6. Where can I find listings of jobs for economists?
Search the job listing services referenced on our employment web page.
7. Can I purchase or rent the Canadian Economics Association mailing list?
No. The CEA does not sell, rent or exchange its mailing lists.
8. Can my organization post information on your web site or exchange links?
Please send pertinent information to the CEA Secretary-Treasurer. We may post information about forthcoming events on our CEA home page if we feel that this concerns a large number of CEA members. The decision to post such information is entirely at the discretion of the CEA Executive. We do not post commercial advertisements of any kind on the CEA web site.
9. Does the CEA represent business economists?
The CEA is a scholarly organization that represents predominantly, but not exclusively, academic economists. The Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) is an association of professionals active in the field of business economics.
10. I just joined the CEA in order to receive the reduced, member-only registration fee for the annual CEA meetings. However, I'm still not able to get the member-only rate. What's the problem?
The Canadian Economics Association's membership database is maintained by Blackwell, the publisher of the Canadian Journal of Economics. It can take as much as two to four weeks for a membership to be processed by Blackwell and forwarded to the CEA's own membership list.
11. I've just refereed an article for the CJE and was told that I would be receiving a complimentary subscription to the CJE. So why have I received a renewal notice?
Go to the CEA Directory Services page and look up your entry in the Members of the CEA directory. Check on the expiration date of your membership. If your membership does not expire until next year, then you were sent the renewal notice by accident. Please ignore it.


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