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Graduate Student Paper Award

The Bank of Canada Graduate Student Paper Award is to be conferred annually at the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) Conference. The purpose of this award is to promote high-quality research in the subject areas relevant for the Bank of Canada's mandate.

The award is open to graduate (PhD) students from a Canadian university or Canadian/Permanent Resident graduate (PhD) students at a foreign university who submit their paper to the Annual CEA Conference. To be eligible, applicants must be graduate students or have completed their PhDs no more than one year prior to the CEA's conference. The paper should be either sole-authored or co-authored with other graduate students.

The award amount is $2,000 and the winner will be announced during the CEA Presidential Address.

The Bank of Canada promotes the economic and financial welfare of Canada through its activities in four main areas of responsibility: monetary policy, currency, financial system stability and funds management. These research areas of interest to the Bank support its policy goals and are covered in the description below from the Bank of Canada website:

Policy relevant research areas that support these responsibilities are diverse and the breadth of expertise crucial to our understanding of the post-crisis world extends beyond the traditional central banking fields of macroeconomics and finance. Apart from macroeconomics, monetary economics, international finance, financial markets and institutions, examples of relevant research areas include: micro and labour economics expertise to better understand the impact of business cycles on income distribution and inequality and the proper policy response; trade, growth and development economics, as well as country-specific expertise, to contribute to our understanding of the global adjustment to the growing importance of emerging market economies; and behavioural disciplines to further refine our understanding of expectations formation, asset pricing, and economic decision-making.

Application and Selection Process

The applicants and their submitted paper must meet the following criteria:

  1. To be eligible applicants must be either:
    1. A graduate student currently enrolled in, or recently graduated from a Canadianuniversity.
    2. A graduate student currently enrolled at, or recently graduated from, a non-Canadian university who is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  2. Recently graduated applicants must have received their PhD no more than one year priorto the 2015 CEA annual conference.
  3. Applicants must have submitted their paper to the 2015 CEA annual conference and the applicant must be available to present their work.
  4. Applicants must arrange to have their eligibility confirmed by their department chair, graduate director or advisor.
  5. The submitted paper should be either sole authored or co-authored solely with other graduate students

Please have the relevant department chair or graduate director submit a letter of support to the email by February 5, 2015.

A prize committee consisting of Bank of Canada staff and external academics will compile a short-list of papers which will form a special session, or sessions, at the CEA meetings. The committee will then select the winning paper from among the presenters in this session. The winner will be announced during the CEA presidential speech.

The winning applicant will be awarded $2,000 and will be invited to visit the Bank of Canada in the autumn of 2015 to present their paper as a visiting speaker.

Past winners

  • 2014: Jonathan Hoddenbagh (Boston College)


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