Volume 19
February / Février 1999

Notes From the CEA

Faculty/Corps Professoral

New Appointments, Departures/Récentes Nominations, Départs

University of Alberta

Chantale LaCasse, formerly from the University of Ottawa/Competition Bureau, effective July 1, 1998

John Maheu, Ph.D. Graduate from Queen's University, effective July 1, 1998

André Plourde, formerly from the University of Ottawa/(Federal) Dept. of Finance, effective July 1, 1998

Bruce W. Wilkinson, retired (Emeritus) effective July 1, 1998

University of Alberta, Dept. Marketing, Business Economics and Law, Faculty of Business

André Plourde, formerly from the University of Ottawa, joint appointment with Dept. of Economics, Faculty of Arts, effective July 1, 1998

Colin Hoskins, retired effective January 1, 1998

University of British Columbia

Iain Cockburn, Van Dusen Professor of Business Administration

Keith Head, Hong Kong Bank of Canada Professorship in Asian Commerce

John Ries, Hong Kong Bank of Canada Professorship in Asian Business

Brock University

Saadettin Erksoy, resigned to take a new position effective May 15, 1998

Carleton University

Christopher J. Maule, Distinguished Research Professor, effective July 1, 1996, previous appointment was Professor

Thomas K. Rymes, Distinguished Research Professor, effective July 1,1996, previous appointment was Professor

Carl H. McMillan, Distinguished Research Professor, effective July 1, 1998, previous appointment was Professor

Dalhousie University

Jeff Dayton-Johnson, former Ph.D. candidate, University of California at Berkeley, effective August 1, 1998

Paul Huber, retired effective July 1, 1998

Erwin Klein, retired effective July 1, 1998

University of Manitoba, Dept. of Agricultural Economics

J.A. MacMillan, Associate Head, effective July 1, 1998 Margot Rudstrom resigned effective June 30, 1998

Université de Montréal

Pierre Perron, Démission, 1er janvier 1999

Pascale Viala, Démission, 1er septembre 1998

St. Francis Xavier University

Gorazd Ruseski, former Ph.D. student at University of British Columbia, effective August 1, 1998

University of Saskatchewan, Department of Agricultural Economics

Derek Brewin, formerly at the Canadian Wheat Board, effective August 1, 1998

Deb Harper, on secondment from Ag. & Agri-Food Canada for two-year period, effective September 1, 1998

James Nolan, formerly at the University of New Brunswick, effective October 1, 1998

Dave Simonot, resigned effective August 31, 1998 to go to CWB

Simon Fraser University

Steeve Mangrain, from Queen's University, effective September 1, 1999

University of Toronto

Rajeev Dehejia, resigned to accept a position at Columbia University, effective December 31, 1998

Larry Epstein, resigned to accept a position at the University of Rochester, effective December 31, 1998

Massimo Marinacci, resigned to accept a position at the University of Bologna, effective December 31, 1998

Trent University

Saud Choudhry appointed as Chair of Department for another term, January 1, 1999 to July 1, 2002

University of Windsor

Mark Raymond, effective September 1998

Jian Kang Zhang, effective September 1998

University of Winnipeg

Dieynaba Tandian, resigned effective July 1, 1998 to go to IDRC, Dakar, Senegal

York University

Joseph DeJuan, formerly from North Carolina State University, effective July 1, 1998

John Evans died March 28, 1998

Visiting Appointments/Professeur(e)s Invité(e)s

University of Alberta, Dept. Marketing, Business Economics and Law, Faculty of Business

Eugenio Figueroa, University of Chile, Santiago, January 1, 1999

University of British Columbia

Gordon Kemp, Essex, January 1, 1999

Fabien Postel-Vinay, Paris, January 1, 1999

Carleton University

Colin Rogers, University of Adelaide, September 1, 1999

Université de Montréal

Ulrich Blum, Technische Universität Dresden, 1er février au 30 mars

(Université de Montréal) École des Hautes Études Commerciales, Institut d'économie appliquée

François Vaillancourt, Université de Montréal, dépar

University of New Brunswick

Malcolm C. Brown, University of Calgary, September 1998/99

University of Ottawa

Eduardo Loria, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México

Arnold De Silva, Retired Economist, Human Resources Canada (1994-1997)

Simon Fraser University

Suzan Beattie, January 1 - April 30, 1999

Mark Moore, January 1 - April 30, 1999

Richard Yates, January 1 - April 30, 1999

University of Western Ontario

Adriana Kugler, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, January 1 - April 30, 1999

George Jiang, University of Groningen, January 1 - June 30, 1999

Awards & Other News/Distinctions & Autre Nouvelles

University of Alberta

Beverly G. Dahlby, 1998-99 McCalla Professorship

Gordon T. Lee, Faculty of Arts Sessional Teaching Award for 1998

R. Todd Smith, 1998 Faculty of Arts Research Award for Associate Professor

University of British Columbia, Dept. of Economics

Robert Evans is the first recipient of the British Columbia Health Association Legacy Award

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Commerce

James Brander won the Jacob Biely Prize for research at UBC

Carleton University

Edwin West included in WHO'S WHO IN ECONOMICS

Zhiqi Chen appointed as T.D. MacDonald Chair in Industrial Economics, Competition Bureau, Department of Industry, Government of Canada

Omar Zakhilwal, Ph.D. student, awarded a Statistics Canada Research Stipend

Université de Montréal

Gérard Gaudet, Co-rédacteur (Associate Editor), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Michel Poitevin, Rédacteur (Co-Editor), Canadian Journal of Economics

Jean-Marie Dufour, Fellow of the Econometric Society

University of Saskatchewan, Agricultural Economics Dept.

Hartley Furtan received Fellowship plaque from AIC President Jim Lore at the Honours & Awards banquet, July 8, 1998 in Vancouver. He was nominated for this award by CAES.

York University

John Ridpath, 1998 recipient of Parents' Association University-Wide Teaching Award
Short-Term Visitors/Futurs Visiteurs

University of Alberta

Hafiz Akhand, University of Regina, Spring 1999

University of British Columbia

Partha Gangopadhyay, University of Western Sydney, Feb. 1 - May 31, 99

Dalhousie University

Rasa Snapstiene, Vilnius University, October 1998 - April 1, 1999

Koytyna Sarmaviciene, Lithuanian School of Public Administration, November 1998 - April 20, 1999

Helen Robokova, Tallinn Technical University

Virve Siirde, Tallinn Technical University

Enn Listra, Tallinn Technical University

Lucija Kavale, University of Latvia

Towdihul Islam, Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Econ., The University of Sydney, Australia, January - December 1999

McGill University

Fanny Saul Demers, Carleton University, Sept. '98 - May 1999

Michel Memers, Carleton University, Sept. '98 - May 1999

Université de Montréal

Louis Levy-Garboua, LAMIA-TEAM, Maison des Sciences Economiques, 11 au 31 janvier 1999

University of Ottawa

Sun Wenheng, College of Economics Management, Agricultural University of Hebei, 1998-10-01 to 1999-09-30

University of Toronto

Richard Rogerson, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 1999

Randy Wright, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 1999

University of Western Ontario

D. Andolfatto, University of Waterloo, July 1, '98 - June 30, 1999

M. Krueger, PaySys GmbH, Frankfurt, am Main, Jan. 1 - June 30, 99
Miscellaneous Information/Divers


Spring 1999: Post Budget Conference to be held at the School of Policy Studies, Queen's University. Sponsored by the John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy. Contact: Sharon Sullivan, John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy. Email: sullivan@qed.econ.queensu.ca

6-7 mars 1999 / March 6-7, 1999: Equilibre général : Renforcer le lien entre théorie et application / General Equilibrium: Bridging Theory and Practice. Location to be determined. Sponsored by Centre de recherche et d"eveloppement en "economique (C.R.D.E.), Université de Montréal. Contact: Sami Dakhlia (514) 343-6556 (dakhlias@magellan.umontreal.ca) or Jean Mercenier (514) 343-2394 (jean.mercenier@umontreal.ca).

March 17-19, 1999: Challenges to Business Growth in Saskatchewan, to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The conference is a joint venture between the University of Saskatchewan and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. The financial support is provided by the Canadian Adaptation & Rural Development Fund in Sask. (CARDS). Funding for the CARDS Program is provided by Ag. & Agri-Food Canada. Contact: Pauline Molder, Ag. Econ. Dept., 51 Campus Dr., Univ. of Sask. Phone: (306) 966-7797, Fax: (306) 966-7788, email: molder@sask.usask.ca

April 14-16, 1999: Food Safety & International Competitiveness: The Cost of Beef. To be held at the Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta. Sponsored by the Alberta Value Added Corporation. Contact: John Spriggs, Ag. Econ. Dept., 51 Campus Dr., Univ. of Sask. Phone: (306) 966-4019, Fax: (306) 966-8413, email: spriggs@duke.usask.ca

April 23-25, 1999: 1999 Canadian Economic History Meetings. To be held at The Lodge at Kananaskis, Kananaskis, Alberta. Sponsored by the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calgary. Contact: Herb Emery: hemery@ucalgary.ca

May 26-27, 1999: Canadian Public Economics Study Group to be held at the University of Toronto. Sponsored by the University of Toronto; York University; Department of Finance (Federal). Contact: Sam Bucovetsky: sam@dept.econ.yorku.ca Jack Mintz: mintz@fmgmt.mgmt.utoronto.ca Michael Smart: msmart@chass.utoronto.ca

May 28, 1999: Graduate Students; Conference on Issues in Development Studies, "Emerging Issues in Rural Development". To be held at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sponsored by the Department of Economics, Centre for International Studies and the Graduate Economics Union, University of Toronto. Contact: Eric Santor or Sonia Laszlo, Dept. of Economics, University of Toronto, 150 St. George St., Toronto, ON M5S 3G7 Phone: (416) 978-4355, email: esantor@chass.utoronto.ca or slaszlo@chass.utoronto.ca

June 18-20, 1999: The 1999 Summer Conference on Feminist Economics. To be held at Carleton University. Principal sponsor - The International Association for Feminist Economics and the Department of Economics, Carleton University. Contact: Frances Woolley: Tele. (613) 520-2600 ext. 3756. Email: frances_woolley@carleton.ca

July 15-16, 1999: The Vietnamese Economics Network (VECON) 1999 Conference "Dragons, Tigers, Elephants, and Buffalos in the Millennium". To be held at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. There is also a plan to compile the first 1999 VECON Directory (cutoff date: June 15, 1999) of researchers interested in Vietnamese economics. More information can be found from the VECON web site. Contact: Trien Nguyen, Department of Economics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1, phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 2794, fax: (519) 725-0530, e-mail: nguyen@watserv1.uwaterloo.ca

September 23-26, 1999: First conference on German Cliometrics. To be held at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sponsored by the Joint Initiative in German and European Studies, University of Toronto, and the Institute of Economic History, University of Munich. Contact: Scott Eddie, Dept. of Economics, University of Toronto, 150 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3G7 Canada. Phone: (416) 987-4358, email: germclio@chass.utoronto.ca

September 24-25, 1999: The 12th Annual Meetings of the Canadian Law and Economics Association. To be held at the University of Toronto Law School. Sponsored by the Canadian Law and Economics Association (CLEA). Contact: John Palmer, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario (519) 679-2111 ext. 5484, or Margot Hall, University of Toronto Law School.

September 29-30, 1999: The Cuban Economy: Problems, policies and perspectives. To be held at Carleton University. Sponsored by the Departmento de Micro y Macro Economia, Universidad de La Habana and the Department of Economics, Carleton University. Contact: Arch Ritter: Tele. (613) 520-2600 ext. 6668. Email: arch_ritter@carleton.ca

October 1-3, 1999: Latin America and the Caribbean into the coming millennium: Equity, democracy and sustainability. To be held at Carleton University. Principal Sponsor - Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, FOCAL, Ottawa and the School of International Affairs and Department of Economics, Carleton University. Contact: Arch Ritter: Tele. (613) 520-2600 ext. 6668. Email: arch_ritter@carleton.ca


Queen's University

John Hartwick was the keynote speaker at the Association of Norwegian Energy Economists in Bergen, Norway, October, 1998. He spoke on "Oil in the Norwegian Economy". He stopped by the University of Oslo and presented a seminar paper.

Doctoral Theses/Théses de Doctorat

University of British Columbia

Paul Hildebrand, (October 5, 1998) "The Use of Absorbing Boundaries in the Analysis of Bankruptcy"

Gorazd Ruseski, (November 12, 1998) "Essays on the Management of Fisheries in the Presence of Strategic Interactions"

Christian Sigouin, (November 27, 1998) "A Quantitative Exploration of the Self-Enforcing dynamic contract Theory"

Cherie Metcalf, (November 27, 1998) "Resources in the Regional Economy: An Historical Assessment of the Forest Industry in British Columbia"

K. Siwan Anderson, (December 4, 1998) "Dowry Payments in South Asia"

Dalhousie University

Mary Kilfoil, (October, 1998) "Two Essays Examining the Impact on Married Couples' Earning Distributions of Standardizing for Differences in Hours Worked"

University of Manitoba

Yuri V. Yevdokimov, (September 1998) "Macroeconomic Consequences of Large Environmental Impacts: The Case of the Chernobyl Accident in the Soviet Economy"

Darren James Prokop, (November 1998) "The Canada-U.S. Transborder Trucking Industry: Regulation, Competitiveness and Cabotage Issues"

McMaster University

Lori Curtis, (November 1998) "The Health of Mothers and Children"

Université de Montréal

Christian Tritten, (26 mai 1998) "Trois essais sur les relations contractuelles en agriculture dans les pays en voie de développement"

Julie Rabemananjara, (2 octobre 1998) "Etudes sur la relation entre la finance et la croissance économique"

Lars Vilhuber, (19 november 1998) "Trois essais sur la mobilité et la formation des travailleurs en Allemagne et aux Etats-Unis"

Kais Dachraoui, (14 décembre 1998) "Three Essays on Economic Behaviour under Uncertainty: Theory and Empirical Evidences"

Louis Hotte, (18 décembre 1998) "Protection privée des droits de propriété et ressources naturelles : régimes d'exploitation, frontières et commerce"

University of Ottawa

Atul Sood, (October 14, 1998) "The Economics of Government Deficits: Some Alternative Formulations with Time Series Evidence"

Queen's University

Jahanara Begum, (October 1998) "A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Real Exchange Rates and Interest Rates"

Masayoshi Hayashi, (October 1998) "Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Fiscal Interaction Among Competing Governments"

Daniel Kanda, (October 1998) "Optimal Fiscal Policy Propagation of Monetary Policy Shocks"

John Maheu, (October 1998) "Nonlinear Dynamics in Asset Prices and Returns"

Joanne Roberts, (October 1998) "Three Papers in Applied Micro- Economic Theory"

Motohiro Sato, (October 1998) "Three Essays on Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Decentralization"

James Yetman, (October 1998) "Essays in Macroeconomic Forecasting"

Queen's University, School of Business, Economics Group

Alba Blanco, (October 1998) "The Theory of Governance in Sovereign Lending"

Mike McIntyre, (October 1998) "A Specification Test of Stochastic Processes Inferred from Option Prices"

University of Saskatchewan, Agricultural Economics

Konstantinos Giannakas, (1998) "Ag. Policy Analysis Under Costly Enforcement: An Economic Analysis of Cheating"

Simon Fraser University

Anton Theunissen, (March 1998) "Strategic Debt Service And The Limits To Lending"

Akhmad Fauzi, (March 1998) "The Management of Competing Multi Species Fisheries: A Case Study Of A Small Pelagic Fishery On The North Coast Of Central Java"

Vladimir Dvoracek (January 1998) "Two Essays In Finance And One In Development"

University of Toronto

Tim Davis, (July 7, 1998) "David Ricardo's Macroeconomics: A Study of Historical Perspective"

Mutasium Elagraa, (September 18, 1998) "Essays on External Shock, Adjustment, Finance & Real Exchange Rates in Developing Countries"

Anindya Sen, (October 8, 1998) "An Empirical Assessment of Canadian Highway Traffic Laws"

University of Western Ontario

Shinn-Juh Lin, (October 1998) "Modelling High Frequency Financial Time Series and Trading Information"

Jun Yu, (October 1998) "Empirical Characteristic Function in Time Series Estimation and a Test Statistic in Financial Modelling"
Recent Working Papers/Récents Cahiers de Recherche

To order individual copies of the working papers contact the institution

University of Alberta

Melville L. McMillan and Debasish Datta, "The Relative Efficiencies of Canadian Universities: A DEA Perspective"

A. Buse, "To Pool or Not to Pool? Why Is That Still a Question?" Wing Hong Chan and Adolf Buse, "Should We Use The Stone Index In The Linearized Almost Ideal Demand System?"

Shmuel Sharir, "Compensating for Damages with the "Dedicated- Portfolio Approach" and Comparison with the "Discount-Rate Approach"

Shmuel Sharir, "Employer's Tastes for Discrimination, Nepotism and Being Boss: Modelling and Implications for the Persistence of Discrimination"

A. Buse and W.H. Chan, "Invariance, Price Indices and Estimation in Almost Ideal Demand Systems"

Shmuel Sharir, "Nepotism, Discrimination and Value of Owner's Ability to Choose Employees: Issues of Persistence, Definitions and Modeling or a Note on Nepotism, Discrimination, and the Persistence of Utility-Maximizing, Owner-Operated Firms'"

T. Tamaschke, G. Docwra and R. Stillman, University of Queensland, Australia, "Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Competitive Supply Costs of Electricity to Class Customers in a Widespread Sparsely Population System"

Bank of Canada, Working Papers

Robert Lafrance, Patrick Osakwe and Pierre St-Amant, "Evaluating Alternative Measures of the Real Effective Exchange Rate"

Andreas Hornstein and Mingwei Yuan, "Can a Matching Model Explain the Long-Run Increase in Canada's Unemployment Rate?"

Gabriel Srour, "The Sale of Durable Goods by a Monopolist in a Stochastic Environment"

Lise Pichette, "La Politique Monétaire a-t-elle des effets asymétriques sur l'emploi?"

Denise Côté and Marianne Johnson, "Consumer Attitudes, Uncertainty, and Consumer Spending"

Christopher Ragan, "On the Believable Benefits of Low Inflation"

Chantal Duposquier and Nicholas Ricketts, "Non-Linearities in the Output-Inflation Relationship: Some Empirical Results for Canada"

ené Lalonde, "Le PIB potentiel des États-Unis et ses déterminants : la productivité de la main-d'oeuvre et le taux d'activité"

Patrick Perrier, "Un examen de la crédibilité de la politique monétaire au Canada"

Scott Hendry and Guang-Jia Zhang, "Liquidity Effects and Market Frictions"

Mark Druger, Patrick N. Osakwe and Jennifer Page, "Fundamentals, Contagion and Currency Crises: An Empirical Analysis"

University of British Columbia

Charles Blackorby and Craig Brett, "Fiscal Federalism Revisited"

W. Erwin Diewert, "Index Number Theory Using Differences Rather than Ratios"

M. Scott Taylor, Brian Copeland and Werner Antweiler, "Is Free Trade Good for the Environment?"

Robert C. Allen, "The Great Divergence: Wages and Prices in Europe from the Middle Ages to the First World War"

Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert and David Donaldson, "The Value of Limited Altruism"

Robert C. Allen, "Agricultural Output and Productivity in Europe, 1300-1800"

Robert C. Allen, "The Employability of University Graduates in the Humanities, social Sciences and Education: Recent Statistical Evidence"

Charles Blackorby and Craig Brett, "Tax Harmonization and Pareto- Efficiency"

John Weymark, "A Generalization of Moulin's Pareto Extension Theorem"

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Commerce, Research Papers in International Business, Trade & Finance

Terry Ursacki and Ilan Vertinsky, "Pacific Market Integration: Firms and Governments"

Keith Head and John Ries, "Overseas Investments and Firm Exports"

Werner Antweiler, "Nested Random Effects Estimation in Unbalanced Panel Data"

Kai Li, "Testing Symmetry and Proportionality in PPP: A Panel Data Approach"

Werner Antweiler and M. Scott Taylor, "Is Free Trade Good for the Environment?"

Masao Nakamura and Lina J. Valcarcel, "Japanese Firms' Operations in the Philippines: Management Performance and Government Policy"

Masso Nakamura, Sadao Sakakibara and Roger G. Schroeder, "Just- In-Time and Other Manufacturing Practices, and market Environment: Implications for Manufacturing Performance"

Scott Dalton, Ilan Vertinsky and Yair Wand, "The Impact of Information Technology on International Trade Promotion" Keith Head and John Ries, "Rationalization Effects of Tariff Reductions"

Murray Frank and Ravi Jagannathan, "Why Do Stock Prices Drop By Less Than the Value of the Dividend? Evidence From a Country Without Taxes""

Kai Li, "Exchange Rate Target Zone Models: A Bayesian Evaluation"

Werner Antweiler, "Trade vs. The Environment: New Empirical Evidence"

Terry Ursacki and Ilan Vertinsky, "Atlantic, Pacific and Global Markets Integration: Will Regional, Inter-Regional and Multilateral Processes Converge?"

Dongsheng Zhou and Ilan Vertinsky, "Quality Differentiation in a Strategic Trade Model with Fixed Costs"

Dongsheng Zhou and Ilan Vertinsky, "Trade Restrictions in a Vertically Differentiated Industry"

Masao Nakamura, Ilan Vertinsky and Charlene Zietsma, "Does Culture Matter in Inter-Firm Cooperation? Research Consortia in Japan and the U.S."

University of British Columbia - Simon Fraser University, Centre for the Study of Government and Business (CSGB)

Papers available by email: csgb@csgb.ubc.ca

Anthony E. Boardman and Claude Laurin, "The Relative Stock Price Performance of Privatised British Public Utilities and the Windfall Profits Tax"

Anthony B. Boardman and Shaun Hargreaves-Heap, "Network Externalities and Government Restrictions on Satellite Broadcasting of Key Sporting Events"

P. Devereaux Jennings, Paul A. Zandbergen and Martin L. Martens, "Government Agents and Organizational Offenders: Institutional Determinants of Environmental Enforcement in the Lower Fraser Basin's Regulatory System, 1985-1996"

Richard Schwindt, Aidan Vining and Steven Globerman, "Net Loss: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Canadian Pacific Salmon Fishery"

The University of Calgary

Ronald D. Kneebone and Kenneth J. McKenzie, "Electoral and Partisan Cycles in Fiscal Policy: An Examination of Canadian Provinces"

Ronald D. Kneebone and Kenneth J. McKenzie, "The Characteristics of Fiscal Policy in Canada"

Ronald D. Kneebone and Kenneth J. McKenzie, "A Case of Institutional Endogencity? A Study of the Budgetary Reforms of the Government of Alberta, Canada"

Zisimos Koustas and Spostolos Serletis, "On the Fisher Effect" Apostolos Serletis and Periklis Gogas, "The North American Natural Gas Liquids Markets are Chaotic"

Eugene Beaulieu, "The Canada U.S. Free Trade Agreement and Labour Market Adjustment in Canada"

Eugene Beaulieu, "Factor or Industry Cleavages in Trade Policy? An Empirical Test of the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem"

Carleton University

Edwin G. West and J. Stephen Ferris, "Private versus collectivized charity: Further explorations of the crowding out debate"

Concordia University

Christain Belzil and Jörgen Hansen, "Subjective Discount Rates, Unobserved Ability, Intergenerational Transfers and the Return to Schooling"

Jon Breslaw, "Holographic Least Squares"

Gordon Fisher, "A Simple Alternative to the Rao-Zyskind Conditions" Gordon Fisher, "A Note on Invariance in a Linear Regression with Stochastic Coefficients"

Hassan Benchekroun, "On the Effects of Unilateral Harvesting Quotas of a Renewable Resource"

Ian Irvine and Susheng Wang, "The Distribution of Wealth with Uncertain Income"

Christian Belzil and Xuelin Zhang, "Young Children and the Search Costs of Unemployed Females"

Greg LeBlanc, "Ex Ante Resource Misallocation and Optimal Capital Structure"

Greg LeBlanc, "Optimal Income Maintenance and the Unemployable'"

James McIntosh and W.A. Sims, "Stochastic Specification and the Estimation of Technology Parameters"

John Cockburn, Eckhard Siggel, Massa Coulibaly and Sylvain Vézina, "Measuring Competitiveness and its Sources: The Case of Mali's Manufacturing Sector"

Caroline Boivin, "Technology Exclusivity or Technology Sharing? The Case of the Advanced Photo System"

Jaleel Ahmad, "Trade With Low-Wage Countries and Wage Inequality"

Michael Sampson, "A Log-Linear General Equilibrium Model with Applications to VAR Econometrics, Commodity Prices and Convergence"

Michael Sampson, "How Long Would It Take An American Neoclassical Post-War Representative Agent To Stop Worrying That Capitalism Was Doomed?"

Dalhousie University

Talan Iscan, "The Terms of Trade, Productivity Shocks, and the Current Account"

Shelley Phipps, "Potential Access to Maternity and Parental Benefits in Canada: Implications of the Switch from UI to EI"

Shelley Phipps, Peter Burton and Lynn Lethbridge, "In and Out of the Labour Market: Long-Term Income Consequences of Interruptions in Paid Work"

Darren Byers, Talan Iscan and Barry Lesser, "New Borders and Trade Flows: A Gravity Model Analysis of the Baltic States"

Lars Osberg and Kuan Xu, "Poverty Intensity - How Well Does Canada Compare?

Lars Osberg, "Schooling, Literacy and Individual Earnings"

John Cornwall and Wendy Cornwall, Mount Saint Vincent University, "Modelling Economic Development: An Evolutionary-Keynesian Approach"

Lars Osberg and Andrew Sharpe, Center for the Study of Living Standards, "An Index of Economic Well-Being for Canada"

Department of Finance

Papers available through email: workpapers.doctravail@fin.gc.ca

Timothy C. Sargent, "The BU Ratio: Prospect and Retrospect"

Carolyn Wilkins, "Youth and the 1990s Labour Market"

Jian-Guo Cao and Benoît Robidoux, "The Canadian Economic and Fiscal Model - 1966 Version: Part 3 - Empirical Specification and Statistical Assessment"

Alain De Serres, Benoît Robidoux and Bing-Sun Wong, "The Canadian Economic and Fiscal Model - 1966 Version: Part 2 - Dynamic Forecasting and Simulation Properties"

Benoît Robidoux and Bing-Sun Wong, "The Canadian Economic and Fiscal Model - 1966 Version: Part 1 - Model Structure"

Maxime Fougère and Marcel Mérette, "Population Ageing and the Current Account in Selected OECD Countries"

Maxime Fougère and Marcel Mérette, "Population Ageing and Economic Growth in Seven OECD Countries"

Mireille Laroche, "The Persistence of Low Income Spells in Canada, 1982-1993"

Mireille Laroche, Marcel Mérette and G.C. Ruggeri, "On the Concept and Dimensions of Human Capital in a Knowledge-Based Economy Context"

McGill University

John W. Galbraith and Victoria Zinde-Walsh, "Measurement of the Quality of Autoregressive Approximation, With Econometric Applications"

Kenji Kondoh, "Permanent Migrants and Cross-Border Workers"

Ngo Van Long and H. Tian, "Resources Dynamics and Endogenous Property Rights Regimes"

Hassan Benchekroun, Ngo Van Long and H. Tian, "Learning By Doing and Strategic Trade Policy"

McMaster University, Department of Economics

J. Kingston-Riechers, "The Association Between the Frequency of Wife Assault and Marital Dissolution"

J. Kingston-Riechers, "The Association Between Socio-Economic Characteristics and the Frequency of Wife Assault"

E.H. Oksanen, "Some Least Squares Results Without Least Squares Algebra"

S. Ahmand, "The Flow and Ebb in Mixter's Treatment of Rae" Program for Research on the Independence and Economic Security of the Older Population

M.A. Denton, S. French, A. Gafini, A. Joshi, C. Rosenthal and D.J. Willison, "Preparations for Independence and Financial Security in Later Life: A Conceptual Framework and Application to Canada" Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis

C. Charles, A. Gafni and T. Whelan, "Decision-making in the Physician-Patient Encounter: Revisiting the Shared Treatment Decision-making Model"

C. Waddell, J. Lomas, M. Giacomini and D. Offord, "Doing Better with Bad Kids': What Stops Us from Using the Research Evidence?"

J. Lavis, "The Links Between Labour-Market Experiences and Health: Towards a Research Framework"

J. Lavis, "Unemployment and Mortality: A Longitudinal Study in the United States, 1968-1992"

J. Lavis, "Ideas, Policy Learning and Policy Change: The Determinants-of-Health Synthesis in Canada and the United Kingdom"

B. O'Brien, G. Stoddart, C. Donaldson, G. Torrance and M. Drummond, "Willingness-to-pay for what? Alternative Definitions of Health Care Program Benefits for Contingent Valuation Studies"

D. Willison, P. Grootendorst and J. Hurley, "Variation in Pharmacare Coverage Across Canada"

C. Zaza, C Charles and A. Muszynski, "The Meaning of Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders to Classical Musicians"

Université de Montréal, Département de sciences économiques

François Maniquet et Yves Sprumont, "Efficient Strategy-Proof Allocation Functions in Linear Production Economies"

Karine Gobert et Michel Poitevin, "Non-commitment and Savings in Dynamic Risk-Sharing Contracts"

Jushan Bai et Pierre Perron, "Computation and Analysis of Multiple Structural-Change Models"

Karine Gobert et Michel Poitevin, "Environmental Risks: Should Banks Be Liable?"

Pierre Perron et Gabriel Rodriguez, "GLS Detrending Efficient Unit Root Tests and Structural Change"

Touhami Abdelkhalek et Jean-Marie Dufour, "Confidence Regions for Calibrated Parameters in Computable General Equilibrium Models"

Jean-Marie Dufour, Abdeljelil Farhat, Lucien Gardiol et Lynda Khalaf, "Simulation-Based Finite-Sample Normality Tests in Linear Regressions"

Jean-Marie Dufour et Joanna Jasiak, "Finite-Sample Inference Methods for Simultaneous Equations and Models with Unobserved and Generated Regressors"

Jean-Marie Dufour et Lynda Khalaf, "Simulation-Based Finite- and Large-Sample Inference Methods in Multivariate Regressions and Seemingly Unrelated Regressions"

Nour Meddahi et Eric Renault, "Quadratic M-Estimators for ARCH- Type Processes"

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Queen's University

Available electronically

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To download copies visit website

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Forthcoming Papers/Articles à Paraître

Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue Canadienne d'Economique

See the list of forthcoming papers on the CJE web site.

Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de Politiques

Bohumir Pazderka, "Patent Protection and Pharmaceutical R&D Spending in Canada"

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Jean Kimmel and Lisa M. Powell, "Moonlighting Trends and Related Policy Issues in Canada and the United States"

Richard G. Lipsey and L.E. Henrikson, "Should Provinces Expand Gambling"

Planned Special Issue on WOMEN and WORK (1999) with the following expected papers:

Heather Antecol and Peter Kuhn, "Employment Equity Programs and the Job Search Outcomes of Men and Women: Actual and Perceived Effects"

Kevin Reilly and Tony Wirjanto, "The Proportion of Females at the Establishment Level: Discrimination Versus Preferences- Technology"

Urvashi Dhawan Biswal, "Testing the Neoclassical Model of Family Labour Supply for Native-Born and Immigrant Households in Canada"

Martin Dooley and Jennifer Stewart, "The Duration of Spells on Welfare and Off-Welfare Among Lone Mothers in Ontario"

Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix and Jean-Francois Thibault, "The Interaction Between U.I. and Welfare and the Dynamics of Welfare Participation of Single Parents"